Classic Hallowen Nails – Halloween Series

Classic Hallowen Nails – Halloween Series

I decided to keep to go back to basics with this Halloween manicure, orange, black, white and some simple little Halloween-essential doodles. You know the images that generally pop up around this time of year – ghosts (mine looks pretty happy), pumpkins, bat, spiders and spiderwebs. Anything that can be given a spooky slant is good in my book, except black cats. I don’t know how people find cats scary… they’re small and furry and PURR. Nothing that purrs is scary. Plus I love my black cat all year round (even if she is a blob)! I actually have started taking ‘action shots’ of my nails outside on my wanders to and from work / occasionally at lunch time to make the most of the natural light… so if you see a random blonde around Dublin pausing near some Autumn leaves taking photos of her nails / beauty products during lunch then don’t be shy – say HI!!!

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