Clandestine Cake Club Bolton - This is England

Clandestine Cake Club Bolton - This is England

Here's me thinking people are far too health conscious for cake in January... 

Last year we had a disastrous start to the year, and our first meeting of 2013 ended up being a virtual meet up after Bolton received a foot of snow. I think about five of us managed to trek to our beloved Thyme Deli, whilst Corinne, Michelle and Mo had a mini meet in Farnworth, and Bev sent pics of her beautiful cake via Facebook. 

No such dramas this year, although there was a horrible date mix up with the venue, which luckily was sorted out toot sweet by their manager - phew! We were at one of our favourite locations, The Rivington in Blackrod. 

This month's meeting was inspired by the Shane Meadows film/The Clash song, This is England. We are a nation of bakers, each region with its own speciality and slight variations on common themes. This country has spawned some excellent practitioners too, ranging from the mother of the cookbook Mrs Beeton, to our modern day heroines like Delia and Mary Berry. We bloody love a good cake. 

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