Clandestine Cake Club Bolton - Life on Mars

Clandestine Cake Club Bolton - Life on Mars

I've been giddy as a little kipper about this one... Today Bolton Clandestine Cake Club went all Glam Rock for our Life on Mars theme. The eyeshadow was out, I had a new t-shirt to match my cake - I was on it like the proverbial car bonnet. Second cake club in one week? Why not.

I love a bit of glam. The hair, the make up, the extravagance and the glitter - bring it on. I knew the cake clubbers would come up with some awesome ideas, but didn't expect quite so much artistic talent! As you would probably expect, the cake ache and sugar shakes set in early with such an abundance of sweeties, sugar paste, buttercream and edible tongues on offer.

We were back at the Farmer's Arms in Bolton, which is always an absolute pleasure. Jon and Ben are keen to see what we're up to, and even lined up some Glam Rock tunes to accompany our cakes! Lick it up...

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