Clandestine Cake Club Bolton - E I E I O

Clandestine Cake Club Bolton - E I E I O A few months ago I received a tweet from a lovely lady called Celia who runs the Wellbeing Farm in Edgworth, Bolton. As well as having a beautiful coffee shop, they have a host of wonderful facilities including conference rooms, a cookery school and lots of animals to talk to! I was thrilled when she invited our cake club to use the Wellbeing Farm's facilities.

Our theme was E I E I O, as I thought it only right to have something fitting to our beautiful rural venue. I asked our bakers to make something including an E, I or O, or they could use the farm itself as inspiration.

It was a small meeting on Saturday, as many of our cake clubbers were on their jollies - it mattered not and we still had a fantastic meet up with a wonderful array of cakes. Saturday was particularly warm too, which meant cracked tops, sliding icing and even a missing bottom! After collectively giving our OCD the heave-ho, we carried on regardless. I think I snapped most of the cakes before the humidity hit...

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