Clandestine Cake Club Bolton - Deep Sea Diver

Clandestine Cake Club Bolton - Deep Sea Diver

November is always a tricky one for cake club. We've just had the excitement of Halloween, and unless you're very early in the month, Bonfire Night has fizzled out like a bit of a damp sparkler, and it's not close enough for Christmas. Everyone's skint because festive gift buying is well underway, so I decided on a slightly different theme... a bit of a 'by the seat of your pants free for all' type of thing. 

Last month I asked our cake clubbers how much they spent on their average cake. The answer was staggering! Most spent upwards of about £10 on top of what they already had in the cupboards and fridge. So, I gave our members a challenge. They could bake whatever they wanted, but had a budget of just £5 (or a 'deep sea diver'). Store cupboard items were exempt, because I wanted to encourage them to use what they already had in. 

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