CitrusZinger Review & Giveaway

CitrusZinger Review & Giveaway

After the birth of my daughter and turning 30, all in the same year, I decided it was time that I get healthy. I have always been an unhealthy eater, and hated drinking plain water ,which is very unhealthy. I was so bad that I would go days without drinking any water at all. To me, water has no flavour and is boring when I could have a coffee or juice instead. Then I was introduced to the CitrusZinger and with this fancy invention I could turn my plain water into infused water with just a few twists.

I was so thoroughly impressed with it straight away. I may hate plain water but I have always been very fond of infused water especially at spas. Spas always have pitchers full of it, welcoming their clients to hydrate and refresh. Now I could have my own spa infused water with me whenever I wanted.

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