Circle of the Sun

Circle of the Sun

"It's been a year.

One year ago today Wyatt had the surgery to repair his heart.

Although I often find myself agog at the passage of time, this milestone in particular holds a great deal of significance. That was the day that the surgeon corrected the blood flow in his heart, sure. It was also the day that the ever present fear of discovering my child blue and in congestive heart failure was removed. It was a day of transformation for my little boy, as the ruddiness that appeared in his cheeks and the rosy glow that his skin took on heralded the increased oxygen to all his cells. More energy, more movement, more development. More life. It was simultaneously the first day of the rest of his life and singlehandedly the worst day of mine.

Those that truly know me well know that there very little that frightens me. Call it world weary, call it educated, call it what you will, but even my own death will come when it does..."

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