Cinnamon Lava Lumps

Cinnamon Lava Lumps

These little sweets were a bit of an experiment. I was trying to make solid cinnamon drop type sweets, but came up with these ‘lava lumps’ instead. Yes, it was a bit of a happy accident truth be told.

I’m always very wary about boiling sugar to screaming hot temperatures. But I was brave, clipped on my sugar thermometer and clicked on the gas.

I used cinnamon flavour food oil, which I purchased online and added some red food colouring to get that Mount Vesuvius effect.

When I tried to cool the mix down in an ice bath, instead of going into a runny, thick syrup, the mix seized and went into crystals. I kept stirring and the crystals looked just liken hot lava rocks.

I let them cool and tried them – very delicious and very hot. Now, here is the recipe, but as these were an accident, I don’t know whether you could replicate these. If you like fiery little cinnamon hot drops however, then this might be worth a go.

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