Christmas, You've Changed!

Christmas, You've Changed! - Expatlog

Although Britain and Canada share a language and a history stretching back beyond pioneer times, when it comes to Christmas our friends in the North do things in their own inimitable style. Back home every town had one or two residents who took it upon themselves to challenge the capacity of the National Grid each year with their exterior Christmas light show. If you wanted to locate them you’d ask Transport Police where the spikes in RTA’s (Road Traffic Accidents) were occurring, with motorists rear-ending one another as they gawked at the spectacle of someone’s home festooned with lights, a sleigh and full complement of reindeer on the roof and an entire life-size nativity scene taking place on the front lawn. When we moved to Canada, suddenly it wasn’t just the odd house here and there – EVERYONE’s in on it. With Christmas following hot on the heels of Halloween I figure Canucks must spend a good deal of the the coldest months up ladders checking bulbs...

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