Christmas Window Decoration

Christmas Window Decoration - Here Come the Girls

Christmas is slowly coming to the Here Come the Girls house. One window is looking quite festive. This window is a collection of all the projects we have completed so far. I love making homemade decorations with the girls but I also like the end product to look preety. These are all simple projects which my three year old twins and their big sister who is six can do with little help and which work on their fine motor skills.

This is quite a simple window with a Christmas table cloth covering the window sill to look more festive and a centre piece of the homemade patch work Christmas tree which my mum made us several years ago and always takes pride of place. The main feature of the window are our Christmas lights stained glass window. This looks so lovely with the light shining through it and gives the room a beautiful glow. It also saves on energy as it doesn’t need batteries or plugs – very environmentally friendly. The best thing is the girls helped me make it.

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