Christmas tree memories

Christmas tree memories

The sight of our Christmas tree always evokes memories from December 2010 – POD was born on Christmas Day. It’s impossible to look at the tree without smiling. It looks wonderful in the evening when it’s all lit up but it holds sentimental value too.

The decorations purchased just before her arrival are especially poignant – an array of red baubles, red beads and fir cones tied with red and green ribbon.

Over the past three years new decorations have been added to the tree, each creating their own memory. These include Beatrix Potter characters – POD’s favourites being “Mrs Tinkywink” and “Jemma Puddyduck”. There are several hand-made decorations and a dove too.

With POD’s birthday on Christmas Day, it’s hard not to be a little emotional at this time of year. Her first birthday saw her mesmerised by a Christmas tree despite not knowing what was going on around her. The most memorable photograph is one of her poking a decoration with a curious look on her face.

On her second birthday she developed a fondness for pulling the decorations off the tree in-between having fun with cardboard boxes!

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