Christmas Stories by Michael Morpurgo

Michael Morpurgo book "Christmas Stories" could be the perfect Christmas present for your children. The book contains not one but for Christmas stories: The Best Christmas Present in the World - a mysterious letter is found in a secret drawer and in one night it bring to life the Great War On Angel Wings - a singing of wings,a glorious light and a sudden beacon of brightness...a visit from the Angel Gabriel himself... The Best of Times - Prince and Princess marry but instead of joy a shadow hangs over the royal palace The Goose is Getting Fat - Gertrude is a goose and Charlie is looking after her. But as Christmas approaches the goose is getting bigger and the grizzly fate that is waiting for her fills Charlie with sadness. Can he save Gertrude from the Christmas dinner table?

This is a wonderful book that your children will enjoy for a long time. My daughters are still quite young so I am sure this book will be read many times from now on.

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