Christmas present ideas for boys

Christmas present ideas for boys

I asked around for ideas of what things people associated with Christmas and have to say that presents came up a lot. Making a toilet roll holder (trh) into a present was really easy and a good, cheap, way to help teach your children the art of wrapping. If they are good at it they can always help wrap up presents (unless in your house it is an elf that wraps them up).

I also used an off cut piece of wrapping that would have otherwise been wasted (recycled). Simply wrap the toilet roll holder in the paper, securing with tape. Then decorate as you would your presents – we added a sticky tape bow and label. You can use ribbon, bows and all manner of things to jazz up your present. We also just cheaply made a tag out of paper – but again you can get as fancy as you like.

This could also be a useful way of disguising wrapping something small by popping it inside – and changing its shape and size.

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