Christmas Movies or DNA?

Christmas Movies or DNA?

Apparently at ths time of year learning at school just sort of stops. Theo used to come home two weeks before the Christmas holidays and announce that they had started to wind down! Hum. Wind down from learning. Is the curriculum that mind numbingly boring that everyone needs at least a two week easing off period before two weeks of absolutely nothing at all? Yes. I think it is actually. I think that even the teachers themselves find the relentless box ticking, target driven uninspired curriculum totally soul destroying. Consequently as soon as Tesco pop the giant paper hat on the top of the 'T' the teachers dust off the DVD player and wack on some mind jellifying Walt Disney movie. This is promoted as a treat to the children but everyone knows this is nonsense. It is treat for the teacher. Time to nip on Facebook and order gifts from Amazon. Lets be honest - I have worked in a school.

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