Christmas gift tutorial: gold paper flag garland

Christmas gift tutorial: gold paper flag garland

We are working hard at renovating our sitting room ready for Christmas and are planning to sand the floor next weekend. As the room is currently in complete disarray, we haven't bought a tree or put our decorations up yet.

In the meantime, a simple gold flag garland will add a little Christmas touch to our fireplace and would also make a cute Christmas gift for a loved one. Full tutorial below…

You'll need: card ruler pencil gold crepe paper twine cutting mat and rotary cutter (or scissors) double sided tape

1. First, you'll need to draw a diamond onto the card. To do this, decide on the height of your flag and then double it. Using a ruler draw a line of this length onto the card. Find the middle point and draw another line across the first (so you have a cross). Measure out either side of the intersection to the desired width of your flag. Join up the points to form a diamond.

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