Christmas display at the Glasshouse

Christmas display at the Glasshouse

After enjoying the fabulous Autumn hues in October, POD and I headed for the Christmas Display in the Glasshouse at RHS Wisley. Still characteristically beautiful, a few orange Maples remained and we found great displays of Autumnal colour on the ground.

An enormous Christmas tree greeted us when we reached the state-of-the-art Glasshouse. Inside we were treated to air plants with red berries as well as the traditional festive Poinsettia.

Baubles were placed throughout the Glasshouse to give it a Christmas feel. POD enjoyed these but was more excited about testing her new wellies in muddy puddles.

PODcast IMG_1237We stumbled upon wonderful species including a hairy purple plant which appeared green when photographed with a flash.

The tropical part of the Glasshouse is my favourite and today was no different – just awash with colour.

One of the most fascinating things we saw were Lady’s Slippers which are members of the Orchid family. As the name suggests, the flower looks like a slipper albeit a teeny tiny one.

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