Christmas Day birthdays

Christmas Day birthdays

POD shares her Christmas Day birthday with an array of interesting characters.

Most notable is English physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton. Born in 1642, he remains one of the most influential scientists of all time for formulating the three basic laws of motion and the law of universal gravitation.

Humphrey Bogart, said to be one of the greatest actors and coolest men to ever live, arrived on 25th December too. As did Sissy Spacek who is most famous for the original Carrie film. Playing the role of a troubled student, she used telekinetic powers to get revenge on her high school bullies.

In sport, Captain of the English Test and ODI cricket teams, Alistair Cook, has a Christmas Day birthday. Along with fellow cricketers Marcus Trescothick and Simon Jones.

Christmas Day birthdays in entertainment include Helena Christensen – the Danish fashion model, beauty queen and photographer who also appeared in Chris Isaak’s 1991 music video Wicked Game. It was voted one of MTV’s sexiest of all time.

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