Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas Cupcakes

Do you ever use Baking Mad.Com?

I have many times, if you search for bakingmad on here it will pull up a few recipes I have previously used, Today's is the Christmas Cupcakes, I have decorated them with Brandy Buttercream.

Making was quick and easy and I believe taste lovely ( I don't eat any form of Christmas cake) I then decorated, images will show you the stages, I used a plain round nozzle and a Petal nozzle, they are not perfect snowmen but I wanted to try and show them starting to melt, the ground is where they rolled the snow :)

Have a look at Baking Mad, honestly they have a wonderful selection of cupcakes, cakes and So many Christmas bakes.

Look out for my cheese straws (slight change to original recipe) that I also Found over there.

Disclaimer: I have been contacted by BakingMad to highlight what they have available for Christmas, but all views/opinions and photographs are my own and as stated I do use them frequently. I have not received any form of compensation for this post at present

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