Christmas books for kids: Spiderman Annual 2004

Christmas books for kids: Spiderman Annual 2004

So, last week I started to share some ideas for Christmas books for Children which I think are great to read together. First up was Stickman, a popular choice for families and pretty well known. Today’s choice? Possibly less likely to be seen on most Christmas reading lists and possibly with good reason.

Somehow we ended up with two copies of this. It’s the only Spiderman book we own so of course we ended up with two copies! And, obviously, it doesn’t actually mention Christmas at all (although it does have a story about Jay Leno in it). But it does have a story with some snow in it. Does a story have to have Santa or Jesus in it to make it festive? Or is snow good enough?!

Now, the other thing I’m going to throw into the mix here is that my son has had it since he was two years old, and it’s way too old for him, it just is. There’s actually a four letter word in it. Only a mild four letter word but it’s still got four letters and its not milk, bear or play. So why on earth am I recommending it?!

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