Chocolate Orange Marble Loaf

Chocolate Orange Marble Loaf Last week, CaféPod kindly sent me a delivery of Reindeer Rocket to try, a limited edition, seasonal blend of coffee from their sister brand, Big Cup Little Cup. We thought that such a brilliantly-named festive drink (it contains flavours of dark chocolate and chestnut and culminates in a sweet, smoky finish) deserved an equally festive sweet treat to accompany it, so my eldest little dude and I devised a lip-smackingly good new recipe ... Chocolate Orange Marble Loaf.

It's a reasonably simple recipe (my four year old is EXTREMELY hands on in the kitchen and doesn't like me to help him so tackling anything too complicated is out of the question) but is absolutely perfect for this time of year, especially if you're as massive a chocolate orange fan as I am.

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