Chocolate Mousse Brownies (Gluten Free)

Chocolate Mousse Brownies (Gluten Free)

I have read an awful lot of brownie recipes since I became addicted to Pinterest and yet I'm still loyal to my own creation that my mum raves about. Normally if Mum likes something I've made she tells me so once. Twice if I'm lucky but she certainly doesn't go on and on. Those brownies though are a different matter so I've been reluctant to try a different recipe meaning it's the one I automatically used in a gluten free version to christen the oven in my uni house. Sadly I didn't feel they were up to par so when I saw a flourless brownie recipe in the book that accompanies the current series of GBBO I thought it would be the best choice to make, amongst other things, for my housemate Lauren's birthday which was last week. I did a lot of baking last week and banned Lauren from the kitchen while I was up to my games but I let her see these because she was getting them before her actual birthday to entertain friends with if they came round.

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