Chocolate, Honey and Almond Biscotti - for Organic September

Chocolate, Honey and Almond Biscotti - for Organic September

When the good people at Sainsbury’s asked if I would like to be sent some of their So Organic range to come up with a few new recipes, I knew I would love the challenge. This is to promote Organic Food Month this September. I didn’t know what ingredients I’d be sent or what I would make, so when I said yes and the So Organic goodies arrived my brain got ticking. I will have a few recipes using the produce through September, but the first batch I used included honey, blanched almonds and Fairtrade dark chocolate.I took a look at these ingredients and they screamed the word biscotti at me. I have made biscotti before, namely chocolate and hazelnut biscotti. But this recipe was to be a plain biscuit with chocolate chunks studded throughout, toasted almonds and the sweet addition of the runny honey. Here's how I made it...

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