Chocolate Crunchie and Marshmallow Cake

Chocolate Crunchie and Marshmallow Cake Bonfire night is upon us once more and I have already heard fireworks go off tonight whilst I was busy baking. I have had an idea for a cake inspired by bonfire night for some time now, and today I actually got the chance to make it. Ever since I saw Toy Story 2 and Buzz mispronounced s’mores, which made me google what they were, I have been wanting to incorporate them somehow into a cupcake or large cake. After a couple of trials in the oven with marshmallows and slices of sponge cake, I finally worked out how I was going to get my cake to have that campfire gooey and melted mallow within it. Then I decided to add some chocolate and crunchie bars – if any type of chocolate reminds me of fireworks night it is those.

So here is my Chocolate Crunchie & Marshmallow Cake

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