Chocolate (Christmas) Fruit Cake (Gluten Free)

Chocolate (Christmas) Fruit Cake (Gluten Free)

So this cake. It might be the start of a new tradition - to make two Christmas cakes each year, one traditional and one alternative. As far as alternatives go this couldn't really get any better. My housemate and I had a big Christmas dinner last Monday and this was our pudding. I've wanted to do a chocolate fruit cake for a while now but couldn't really warrant a full blown, takes-five-hours-to-cook Christmas cake. It doesn't matter because this is better. I adaped a Nigella recipe and I'm not even sorry for it. If I tried to do it again and actually follow the recipe my housemate might try and kill me. I don't think she has been this pleased with something I've made since these Chocolate Mousse Brownies and I failed at getting her to stop telling everyone about it. She even shared a bit of it with a few people and there wasn't one bad word of feedback. This slightly embarrasses me but makes me mega pleased at the same time.

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