Chocolate Chilli

Chocolate Chilli Every Guy Fawkes night we eat chilli con carne.  There is just something about it’s homely smokiness that is reminiscent of autumn and fireworks for me.  It’s exactly the kind of comfort food that is easy to eat and warms you up so you’re ready to stand outside in the cold and watch people celebrate a failed act of treason with fireworks and bonfires and burning effigies.

It’s also the kind of meal that feeds a lot of people with very little effort, and cooks long and slow so you’re not tethered to the stove.  It can be made in a slow cooker, although I prefer it’s texture when cooked on a hob.

And it’s forgiving; you can adapt chilli con carne with different beans and spices, and you can put as much or as little chilli in as you like.  It really is a dish you can play around with and make your own.  So here is my version, a delicious mash up of pretty much every chilli recipe I’ve ever looked it – plus a special, and authentic (so I am told) addition you might not expect.

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