Chocolate and pistachio macarons

Chocolate and pistachio macarons

It feels like it's been ages since I last posted a Macaron recipe but fear not, my macaron love affair is still going strong. I have tried a couple of different recipes and techniques and I always come back to the recipe and method I used on the double raspberry macarons. I added a teaspoon of egg powder because I read somewhere that it gives them a little 'lift' but I don't think I noticed much of a difference so it is completely optional.

I settled on pistachio macarons as I received a packet of goodies to try through Why Nut - a company that supplies the finest pistachios and hazelnuts as well as all natural pastes. That's right - no artificial colours, preservatives or fragrance - the paste I used in this recipe had captured the very essence of pistachios. It pairs really well with dark chocolate - the filling recipe below is particularly delicious.

I made some normal and some 'giant' macarons this time around. The larger ones are tricky to bake - they need quite a long time in the oven. If the edges are colouring then the oven is too hot. Reduce the temperature ..

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