Chocolate (and Pine) Xmas Tree Cupcakes

Chocolate (and Pine) Xmas Tree Cupcakes

I have wanted to make these for a while now. Ever since I saw the brightly coloured chocolate drops in the shops a few months back, I knew they would be perfect as christmas lights in these tree cupcakes.

The cupcakes themselves are inspired by a chocolate which I ate at the BBC Good Food Show a couple of months back. The chocolate was flavoured with Scot’s Pine and I thought it was delicious and I thought making chocolate and pine flavour cupcakes would be inventive (pine trees after all), delicious and a doddle.

But there was a snag, nowhere could I get pine flavoured extract for baking with. What to do? Then I discovered pine essential oil in a local health food shop. But it had a huge disclaimer on it saying not to be taken internally.

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