Chilled Matcha and Banana Smoothie

Chilled Matcha and Banana Smoothie l don’t make smoothies often enough.   Maybe it’s that I don’t like to clean the blender.   Maybe it’s that I just don’t think of making them.   If I want fruit I just eat it as it is.   This wasn’t the case for a short time about 8 years ago when we first got our blender.   We made loads and loads of smoothies.   We were making them constantly for, well, for about 2 weeks.

But, along comes a New Year and suddenly I’m thinking of ways to add healthy habits to my daily routine.   One thing I would like to do more of is make more smoothies. I recently got some organic matcha for the first time and as a smoothie is such a simple thing to make it seemed a great way to first try the matcha.


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