Children’s Book Week review: Skulduggery Pleasant

Children’s Book Week review: Skulduggery Pleasant

GG has always been a prolific reader. She almost literally consumes books, maxing out her library card and finishing her stash within a couple of days. She loves an easy read, but of late she has found herself keen to read something a bit more meaty, and to be honest, I’m pleased that she is moving on from the generic box sets, and relishing a more challenging text.

She has recently fallen in love with the Percy Jackson series, so I put some feelers out for fantasy fiction appropriate to her age. In year 4, her school do not allow her to borrow the Percy Jackson books – they are for upper school only, and I tend to follow their lead, as often the themes are inappropriate, even if the language is manageable. She is just 9, but her reading ability and comprehension is further ahead, which often means that books she is capable of reading, just aren’t appropriate yet in subject matter. Yes, I’m looking at you Jacqueline Wilson!

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