Children’s Book Week review: Skulduggery Pleasant

Children’s Book Week review: Skulduggery Pleasant

I had high hopes for Skulduggery Pleasant when it was both sent to me for review, and recommended by a lot of Facebook contacts with slightly older children. Here’s what we thought:

Stephanie (Valkyrie) is a feisty 12 year old with a bizarre protector – the undead Skulduggery Pleasant. Together they race through war-torn and magic-strewn mythology in an attempt to save the world from conspiracy and disaster.

Reading reviews of the book series before we got started, I decided that rather than leave her to read by herself, we would read the book together. I knew there would be concepts needing explanation, and every review contains the word horror somewhere. She has coped with the final Harry Potters, and with Pirates of the Caribbean, and comedy is a big part of Skulduggery Pleasant, so I was hopeful.

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