Children locked up in Ireland in a school near you

Children locked up in Ireland in a school near you Quiet rooms, seclusion rooms, isolation rooms, withdrawal rooms, small safe spaces. Different names, but they mean the same thing. There could be one in the primary school attended by your child, but you probably don't know about it. Most parents don't, until the room is used for their child. Until it is decided that their child needs to go into/be locked into this room because of their behaviour and, in theory, to give them a chance to calm down away from the stresses of the classroom. Your child is unlikely to be affect unless they have autism, aspergers, ADHD or a similar special need. It is not illegal (see below), but concerned parents have been unable to find clear guidelines for how they should be used.

And some of the stories that are emerging are the stuff of nightmares.

This is what happened to one 11 year old boy - the family are reluctant to go public because they want to protect their son. But they know that if they don't, they may never get justice for him:

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