Chicken coop envy

I really want chickens. It's been on my 'unwritten list of things I want in life as a homesteader' for absolutely ages. I've got a townhouse living friend who has been reminding me ever since she got a whiff of the idea we might get chooks, to get a wriggle on because she wants to rent a space for a couple of her own! But it keeps getting put off....

The other day I visited a friend who lives nearby. Our kids were playing in her backyard, and when I was attempting to round them up to take them home, my friend's husband casually asked me if I had seen their new chicken coop. No, I said, I hadn't, trying to keep my voice calm, I'd LOVE to see it...and I was not disappointed. It was magnificent! A beautiful full sized 'humans can stand up inside' chicken coop, made out of all sorts of recycled, up-cycled, verge collected and totally repaired coolness.

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