Chicken and Ham Pearl Barley Bake

Chicken and Ham Pearl Barley Bake

So this dinner. It is very similar to the Turkey, Ham and Veg Baked Risotto that was my last recipe. Howverm apart from the pearl barley replacing the rice, there is one key difference. This sauce. All credit goes to Lindsay from Pinch of Yum for this. She is entirely right, you do want to eat it straight from the blender. I may have done that with a few spoonfuls. Just for quality control purposes you understand. It tastes divine. Rich, indulgent, decadent and completely, 100% guilt free. The reason? It is made from cauliflower. Seriously. Yes, if you have sensitive tastes buds you can tell but I promise you, you will be concentrating more on the creaminess than anything else. No word of a lie.

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