Cheval Thorney Court, Kensington

Cheval Thorney Court, Kensington One of the greatest things about hotels is that for one night you’re whoever you want to be. You can immerse yourself in a world as far removed from your own as you’d like and catch a glimpse into the unknown. During a weekend in February that’s exactly what I did when I checked in to Cheval Thorney Court in Kensington for a night of excess, luxury and the high life.

Thorney Court is a Cheval Residence property containing 57 apartments designed for both short and long stay guests. I stayed in apartment 3A; a two bedroom property with a kitchen, massive living and dining area, 3 bathrooms and views over Hyde Park. There was a huge amount of floor space and the decor is exactly as I imagined it would be – think wealthy, old school, London with the types of antiques you see in Mayfair shops and through townhouse windows.

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