Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet

Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet is an ideal venue for shopping. Firstly because it’s an outlet you know there will be bargains to be had. Secondly, there are good playgrounds dotted around the site which allows for interim pit stops for the kids. It breaks up the shopping perfectly! Thirdly, it has a good mix of restaurants and coffee shops which allows choice on cuisine and price. Finally there is both outdoor and multi-storey parking which means that there is a good range of parking. It’s got a hotel, bowling, cinema and aquarium all close by so you can make a weekend of it just by staying within a very close proximity. The shopping:

The unusual layout of Cheshire Oaks means that there is a reasonable amount of walking to do and some of it is completely uncovered so if it’s bad weather then you might get wet! But on a good day you can enjoy the sunshine as you potter which is a definite bonus.

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