Cheesy green lasagne

Cheesy green lasagne

There’s something so hearty about a lasagne that makes it just perfect for this time of year. I love the traditional version but it is good to mix it up a bit sometimes. This cheesy green lasagne is a vegetarian alternative that is not only cheap but easy too.

Whilst this isn’t the healthiest dish in the world, it is a great way to get greens (spinach) into your kids, and some all-important iron into everyone’s diet.

Even though this is a time-consuming dish to make, most of that is taken up with the 40 minutes cooking time in the oven, and it’s actually pretty quick to prepare, especially for lasagne. No bolognese, no béchamel to make, meaning there is very little work for you to do :-) So kick back with an apéritif / do bath and bedtime for the kids while it’s cooking away.

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