Cheesecake and apple desserts, made with Cornflakes!

Cheesecake and apple desserts, made with Cornflakes!

Do you have a press/cupboard full of half finished cereal packets slowly going stale? Probably loosely open too, and of course it always happens when you buy the large "budget" sizes to save money. Why does this happen? Here, the kids get fed up with the same taste, or I've bought them something different as a treat, or they go off cereal altogether and eat toast for a few weeks. Right now we have a slightly different problem, with left over Cornflakes every week. Sometimes I can sneak them into the new packet, but not if there's a large amount, or they've already started to go soft.

Earlier this summer I began making No-Bake Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Corn Flake Bars with Smiley, but we got bored with eating them every week, so the hunt was on for other tasty recipes. So here are two more - one naughty and one fairly healthy - and I'd say you could swap the Cornflakes for other left-over cereals too. Both recipes are very loosely based on ideas I found on-line.

Vanilla Cornflake Cheesecake

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