Cheddar Cheese Apple Pie

Cheddar Cheese Apple Pie

Don’t you think this time of year just screams PIE?! The sweet variety I mean, of course. It’s a warming, comforting dessert – perfect for these Wintumn ™ nights.

I am going to coin 2013 as the year I conquered my pastry fear, I have been making it a lot more, puff, rough puff, choux and good old shortcrust. The latest I made was a version of shortcrust, with added cheddar cheese. Perfect in my pie.

I saw a recipe for apple pie with a cheddar cheese crust a while back and I have been meaning to make it for yonks now. It intrigued me, I know apples and cheese go well together, but in a pie? I like to try the unusual as you know. So this weekend was a perfect opportunity. I tweaked it a little - omitting some butter (i.e forgetting to add it on top) and didn’t use a lemon (forgot to buy one) - (this turning 40 shenanigans does make one forgetful I find!) but, the result was delicious.

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