Cheap and Chic: A School Run Outfit from Tesco

Cheap and Chic: A School Run Outfit from Tesco

Tesco very kindly sent me a £50 voucher to choose a back to school outfit for myself! What a lovely change from thinking about the kids going back to school. I work from home. as a full time writer If I am not dropping the kids in school or meeting a friend for coffee sometimes there is no need for me to get dressed. So I don’t.

The computer doesn’t care if I am in my PJ’s. 4 out of 5 days though I do take the kids to school and then whatever I throw on I keep on all day. So my school run outfits need to be super comfy.

I am also on a bit of a mission to smarten myself up. I have put on quite a lot of weight recently and a new outfit or two that fit me properly and feel good were exactly what i needed.

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