Chartwell, Churchill’s family home

Chartwell, Churchill’s family home 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill’s death. Churchill and his family lived at a beautiful country house called Chartwell in Kent in the South of England from 1922 until his death in 1965.


Today Chartwell is owned by the National Trust and you can visit the house and its extensive grounds. It’s a lovely place to explore. I live near to Chartwell and have been there several times both with and without my children. Last week I popped over there to see the Death of a Hero exhibition and for a walk in the beautiful grounds.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was a British Prime Minister who led the country to victory during World War II. He was also a prolific writer and a brilliant orator and he won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1953. Churchill died at Chartwell at the age of 90 on January 24th, 1965. I found Chartwell’s Death of a Hero exhibition about his death, funeral and legacy very interesting, especially as my parents have told me about their memories of his death and the huge impact which it had on people at the time.


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