Changing Friends

Over the past year one of my friends has been having a really hard time. Her marriage has broken down and she is now in the process of going through a divorce. She had spent a long time being unhappy in the family home and after trying to talk to her husband about it decided it was time to leave. Although it was her choice to leave the family home do not think that she was happy to do so. At the time she left I believe that she thought there was the possibility of reconciliation and she clung to that for a while. Every day I saw her she looked tired, upset and hurt. She would have good days, those being the days she didn't cry every waking moment and she would have bad days. On her bad days my heart broke for her and we spoke about how much she was hurting. The instant I saw her in a morning I knew what kind of day she was having simply by how she walked into the playground.

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It's Been a Slow Week #WeekendSmile {24}

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