Changes to Childcare Costs

One thing that does concern me, and something they've cleverly left out of all their PR opportunities, is the small fact that at the moment, the only people claiming Universal Credit are a relatively tiny group of single people with no dependents. The roll-out of Universal Credit has been somewhat delayed, and there has been little word on when they expect it to complete. So at the moment their lovely new announcement is a bit... academic, isn't it! I am, quite frankly, petrified of Universal Credit. When my maternity leave finished and I claimed Income Support, I had a first-hand experience of just how poorly organised the system is. A claim for Income Support takes "up to" seventeen working days. When I got to Day 17 and there was still no money, I called them to ask what was going on - only to be told, oh, the money is here. I've no idea why it wasn't sent; I'll send a BACS payment now.

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