champagne, rosé, origami cranes

champagne, rosé, origami cranes

Eight lovely ladies, a bottle of champagne, and two of rosé on a Tuesday night.

I don’t know if it’s a sign that I’m getting old — but getting invited to my friend/soulmate, Angela’s “Origami Paper Crane Party” was preeeetty exciting. Apparently paper folding is my kinda party. So yeah, if it is a sign — well, getting old is AWESOME. ;)

The crane is a symbol of “good luck, happiness, and peace.” It’s said that making 1,000 paper cranes will give eternal good luck or grant a wish. Angela only needed 150. And um, our night’s work only produced 44.

So yeah, I don’t know that we can ask the universe to grant any wishes just yet. But you know what, we’re good.

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