Chalk it up

Chalk it up

Chalk it up ! I awoke this morning to the dulcet tones of my other half shouting as he went out the door "can we keep the house tidy now .... pleeeease". Hmmm, well I will have to think about that.

The reason for the big tidy up was to be ready for a visit from Annie Sloan and her team to take some pics of how I have used her colours in my house. So before I go and get the house all messy again I thought perhaps I should run around and snap before I start 'living' here again. Honestly, its never really THAT messy, just that when you work from home and make and create it does look like a workshop more than a house. Also my house is my photography studio, so new looks, backdrops and props, all end up being incorporated into everyday living.

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