Ceredigion Calling - Welsh cakes

Ceredigion Calling - Welsh cakes I absolutely LOVE these babies - not quite biscuits, not quite cakes, and pretty easy to knock up a passable batch (although don't remind me of the total fail we had trying to make some while we were camping in the summer. You remember the summer? You know, when the sun shone, and you could leave the house without being wrapped up in enough gortex to waterproof the Royal Navy. You don't? Actually, I'm not sure I do either...)

But (as I often do) I digress...

Welsh cakes. I'm not sure if this is an authentic recipe - I realised too late that I'd run out of straight caster sugar, so used some vanilla sugar. I certainly don't have a welsh cake stone to cook them on. The Husband tells of a family welsh cake stone, but this appears to have been lost somewhere along the way, consigned to family tales of Auntie Pam and her Olympian ability to churn out plates of welsh cakes at the drop of a hat

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