Celeriac coleslaw

Celeriac coleslaw

It’s a funny time of year. Summer fruit and veg are more or less over and done with, but the weather is still mild enough to warrant eating salads. Which means it’s the perfect time of year for Celeriac coleslaw.

So what is celeriac?

Celeriac is a root vegetable that is at its best from September to April in the UK, its taste can be described as a subtle celery flavour with a hint of nuttiness. It’s an incredibly cheap vegetable and is grown in the UK, so is good for your purse and the environment. This Celeriac coleslaw also happens to be very easy and quick to make, so there’s really nothing to hold you back.

There are various different ways to cook and prepare celeriac, the most common French one being the Céleri Rémoulade. This Celeriac coleslaw is a take on that classic French dish.

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