Celeriac & bacon soup

52 Cookbooks 48: Celeriac & bacon soup This week I've chosen a celeriac and bacon soup which is in The Kitchen Diaries II (it's also available on The Guardian website too). I'd bought a celeriac and bacon and it was a case of finding a recipe to match - I was pretty sure that these were a good if not standard matching - I found way more celeriac and apple recipes - so I was pretty confident of finding a recipe. And I did. Nigel Slater's recipes always make me smile as there's always some room for leeway - I mean, how do I know that my interpretation of a "thick slice of butter" is similar enough? I'm banking on the fact I cook enough to know what feels right.

Unusually I (or rather we) prepared and cooked this recipe one evening to take for lunch the next day. And it was cooked alongside our tea that evening so a times it was a bit frantic in the kitchen. MOH was complaining of being cold and said it was alright for me as I was in a nice warm kitchen. At which point he was roped in, merely to warm him up!


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