Celebrating swimming success

Celebrating swimming success

I believe that swimming is a hugely important skill; a life skill; and swimming lessons have always been a priority for the kids.

The boys both started taking lessons when they were at nursery school in the UK, as soon as they turned three. We had taken them swimming on and off before then, but hadn’t enrolled them in formal lessons until then. I had always wanted to do baby swim classes with them, but working full time and then trying to fit everything in at the weekends, we had never managed it. But, when we moved to the US, I was no longer working, so I had the opportunity to do swim classes during the week… As soon as we were settled and the next session of classes started at our local YMCA, we signed all three up. We put the boys into classes at the level that seemed most appropriate (!) and I started a parent and infant class with the wee girl. Two years later and all three of the children can swim very well for their ages :)

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