Celebrating IWD 2014 - Interview With Rachel Goswell

Celebrating IWD 2014 - Interview With Rachel Goswell - Crafts on Sea

I am so excited to be sharing this interview with Rachel Goswell today to celebrate International Women’s Day. Team Honk are running a blog prompt about inspiring women, Annie from Mammasaurus interviewed me (I’m still kind of in shock about that one to be honest) and I really wanted to take part too, I thought hard about women I know that inspire me and Rachel was my number one choice to interview. I was actually really nervous about asking her so I’m super pleased that she said yes!

For those who don’t know her, Rachel blogs over at An Exeter Mum, which is one of my favourite blogs. Her son has CHARGE Syndrome and Rachel has campaigned for the rights of deaf people and their families, she’s also a great gardener and keeps chickens. Rachel is also in Slowdive, a band that have recently reformed

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