Celebrating A Missing Child At Christmas

Celebrating A Missing Child At Christmas

It is something we have to think about every year!

And something that does take a long time every year.

How to include Rhianna Lily into our Christmas celebrations.

There is a fine line to include her, but to not make Christmas all about her.

Every year we get out her named bauble. We have one for all our children and every year they are put on the tree in a row, all three children together. Every year I take a photo, and it is one of my favourite pictures every year! Baba, Rhianna and Boo all in a line all together.

Every year we put a tree on her grave, this is all we are allowed to do as our council is truly hideous about things on Rhianna’s grave (it is something I will regret ever doing to be honest, as every year I would love to really decorate her grave for Christmas and we are not allowed to do it)

Every year Baba want’s to do things, Rhianna always gets a mention from Santa it seems to be a little trend that happens.

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